5 Apps That Make Wedding Planning Easier

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Ah, technology. It makes so many facets of our lives so much simpler, and that includes the onerous task of wedding planning! While iTune and Google Play are chock-a-block with great apps for wedding planning, we’ve picked just 5 of our favorites that are free and easy to use. You are probably using some of these apps already, and didn’t think of their implications for wedding planning.aP


Most likely you’ve been using Pinterest for years (250 million people use it monthly!), but we can’t overstate its importance for wedding planning. Pinning every detail of your wedding — your colors, the dresses, the invitations, and on and on — is not only fun, but it helps you plan a more cohesive, customized event. And if you’re working with a wedding planner, it helps her know more about your tastes and style. If you’re not pinning yet, what are you waiting for?!


Even if you’re a pen and paper kind of gal, you’ll find Evernote to be a must-have tool for wedding planning. With Evernote, you can save almost anything as a “note” — a quick to-do list, a webpage, a photograph, even handwritten notes. Notes are archived, so no longer are you desperately searching for that scrap of paper where you scribbled that florist’s name and number. Also, shared functionality means you can share notes with your groom-to-be, members of your wedding party, or just your wedding planner. For iPhone and Android.


Think of Honeyfund as crowdfunding for your dream honeymoon. This cash registry allows guests to give toward your honeymoon instead of giving other types of gifts (or in addition to!). Gift givers pay a small fee if using a credit card but there is also a cash/check option. It’s free for users, although you can pay to upgrade to a premium edition.


One of the more frustrating parts of wedding planning is dealing with the dreaded budget. While it’s not a glamorous aspect of the wedding, it’s probably the most important, so having a smart tool to help you stay within  your means is crucial. That’s where Mint comes in. Once you link your accounts, Mint can manage everything. It helps you keep all of your budgeting and billing in one place, and it gives you recommendations on ways to save. For Android and iPhone.

The Guest 

Your wedding party and wedding guests will probably have access to candid photos that you may never see — why not give them a place to share them? That’s what you get with The Guest, an app created by wedding planning powerhouse TheKnot.com. Guests don’t have to upload or remember hashtags, as the app allows them to share photos and videos in real time. Your wedding guests get an invitation to download the app, and they can start sharing the moment the event starts. It’s free, and fun to use!