5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

wedding planning

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. Many couples spend hours per week in the months leading up to the big event on the phone with vendors, wrangling contracts and a budget, choosing decorative elements, planning a reception, and the list goes on. It’s a lot, and most couples just don’t have enough time, or the knowledge of what needs to be done and how best to do it. That’s where a wedding planner comes in. These precision professionals are skilled at putting together weddings and can help you get the big day you want (and deserve). Here’s why a wedding planner is worth it:

A wedding planner will save you oodles of time. Planning a wedding can eat up a lot of your time, and you already have a full-time job and other life responsibilities to juggle. Let a wedding planner take the time-consuming tasks off your plate so you can actually enjoy the planning process. Your planner will make appointments, handle the vendors, and deal with scheduling and communication.

A wedding planner will save you money. A good wedding planner will work within your budget to give you the wedding of your dreams. He or she will help you get the best deals, score discounts, or even know where not to spend money so you can get the most for your budget.

You’ll get the benefit of your wedding planner’s network. Forget Google, your wedding planner has the 411 on the best vendors in town. She regularly communicates with the best and brightest of the wedding industry, from florists to caterers and everything in between. And like we mentioned in reason #2, she can help you negotiate deals with her network of vendors.
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You’ll get fresh ideas from your wedding planner. You probably have a Pinterest board (or 2 or 12) filled with wedding ideas, but your wedding planner has original ideas you won’t find anywhere else. One of the best parts of working with a wedding planner is brainstorming together on the perfect centerpiece for the reception or a grand floral entrance that will knock ‘em dead. Wedding planners are in the know on what’s hot and what’s tired, and can help you put together a wedding day unlike anybody else’s.

No detail is too small for your wedding planner. It takes a lot to pull off a wedding — and you want every tiny detail to be perfect. That’s where a good wedding planner comes in. He or she has the expertise and experience to know how to take care of even the most infinitesimal thing so you can worry about something else. Wedding planners are true perfectionists, so you can let them sweat the small stuff!