6 Unexpected Wedding Expenses You Should Budget For

You’ve made your budget and checked it twice, now you have to stick to it! But watch out — you may not have considered some hidden costs that could sink your budget. Here are six of the most common unexpected wedding costs couples overlook.

wedding invitation
Square, oversized, or bulky invitations can cost up to $2 each piece to mail. If you don’t want to pay extra for stamps, stick to more conventional sizes and shapes for your stationery.

Day-of Stationery
While you certainly don’t overlook budgeting your invitations, did you remember to budget for save the date cards, programs, menu cards, place cards, and so on? Add a separate line item to your budget to make sure you don’t overlook these important additions.

Tips and Taxes
While taxes aren’t exactly unexpected, most couples forget to budget for them. Add a line item in your budget (some recommendations say a third of your total costs) to handle vendor taxes and stay within your estimates. Don’t know who and what to tip? Check out this vendor tipping cheat sheet.

Alterations to your wedding gown can range from $100 to $500. Make sure you understand the store’s alterations policies and prices before your purchase your dress.
wedding gowns

Cleanup and Breakdown
Full-service venues don’t charge extra for cleanup and breakdown, but make sure you understand your contract and if these necessary items are included. If not, prepare to set aside $500 or so to cover these costs.

Welcome Bags and Thank You Gifts
While it isn’t a requirement, welcome bags for your out-of-town guests are a nice touch that will make them feel at home. And don’t forget thank you gifts for your parents or any other loved ones who are helping fund your wedding.