Choosing Music for Your Wedding Ceremony

wedding music

You have probably spent a lot of time thinking and planning all the details of your wedding, down to the last bit of greenery in your bouquet. But have you planned your wedding ceremony music? If you haven’t, don’t leave it to the last minute! Thoughtfully-chosen music can make all the difference in your ceremony.

Set the Mood
Music helps set the mood for an event, and your wedding is no exception. You want it to be romantic, naturally, but you also want it to suit your chosen venue. If you’re having a grand wedding in a church or cathedral, a grand traditional instrumental fits perfectly. For a small, outdoor wedding, recorded music or a guitar accompanist creates a more intimate mood. Do you want the feeling to be upbeat and happy, or calm and sedate? What do you think suits you best as a couple?

Traditional or Contemporary?
There are many traditional music arrangements, like “Wedding March,” that have become standards in our culture. Don’t feel like you must use the old standbys if you want something newer and fresher. Likewise, don’t knock using a traditional instrumental — they are classics for a reason! Some venues, like churches or temples, will have rules regarding what types of music can be played. For these venues, traditional instrumentals are the way to go.

Even if you choose a traditional song or instrumental for your procession, you can go with something fun and contemporary for your recessional.

Make It Personal
Is there a song that means something special to you and your significant other? Maybe there was a song playing the night he proposed or a tune that you like to think of as “our song.” Think about musical styles and selections that complement you as a couple and what they say about your romantic journey. Most of all, pick songs or instrumentals that make you happy and fit the wedding mood you’re trying to create. The best music will leave you and your guests with a lasting impression of your perfect wedding.
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