Get Your Holiday Meals from B&A Warehouse Catering!

giving thanks

One thing we always wish we had more of during the holiday season is time. More time with our loved ones, more time enjoying the sights and sounds of the season — but not more time in the kitchen. Don’t spend your Thanksgiving cooking, let B&A Warehouse Catering do it for you. We have two options — delivery or pick-up.

Dinner, Delivered
Thanksgiving hot lunches or dinners* delivered are just $13.95 per person and include one entrée, two sides, and one dessert. (Minimum order of 10 for delivery.) 

Entrée Selections
(Select one)
Sliced turkey with turkey gravy on the side
Sliced honey-baked ham
Herb-crusted pork loin medallions
Grilled chicken breasts, served with sweet potato salsa
Each additional meat is $5 per person.

Side Items
(Select two)
Cornbread dressing
Old fashioned green beans
Sweet potato fluff
Chef Deborah’s corn pudding
Squash casserole
Lemon-glazed carrots
Fresh homemade creamed potatoes
Each additional side item is $2.50 per person.
Additional options available upon request.

Dessert Selections
Holiday morsel tray
Additional options available upon request.

To-Go Options
If you don’t have enough for delivery you can still enjoy a hearty Thanksgiving meal with our delectable to-go options. We do the cooking, you just come pick it up! Orders must be placed by November 14 and are available for pick-up on November 21 at or before 11 a.m.

Entrée Selections
Whole roasted turkey, served with gravy and cornbread dressing, $49.95
Whole fried turkey, served with gravy and cornbread dressing, $59.95
Sliced turkey, $8.50 per pound
Sliced glazed honey-ham, $12.95 per pound

Side Options, $18 each (serves 10-12)
Caesar salad
Cranberry congealed salad
Cornbread dressing
Candied yams

Side Options, $25.00 each (serves 10-12)
Green beans with caramelized shallots
Homemade creamed potatoes
turkey dinner

Side Options, $27 each (serves 10-12)
Sweet potato fluff
Grits souffle
Old-fashioned corn pudding
Squash casserole

24 rolls, $6

Is your mouth watering yet? Don’t delay, call us today at 205-326-4220 and we’ll take the hassle out of your holiday meal planning.

*All selections are made fresh daily and must be received 48 hours in advance. Orders may be accepted on shorter notice, but items may be limited if less notice is given.