Groom’s Attire Tips

As a savvy modern groom, you know your wedding day is about a lot more than just putting on a suit and showing up. You want to look your best and showcase your personality while complementing the rest of the wedding party. We have some tips to help you select your best wedding day look.

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Your attire should be appropriate for the formality of the occasion. Daytime or outdoor weddings can be more casual (think seersucker suit) and you can have a bit more fun with your selections. Formal evening weddings in a ballroom or other luxury venue call for a dark formal suit at the very least, but a tuxedo works beautifully. Greg Lakey, store manager of Mr. Burch Formal Wear in Mountain Brook, says trends are veering away from tuxes and towards more suits for Alabama weddings.

Match your look to your bride-to-be’s. While you (probably) won’t see her dress beforehand, you need to know the overall style to choose your attire. If she’s going for a boho look, you can wear a lightweight linen suit, for example. If she’s chosen a classic ballgown style, match her formality with a classic black tux.
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Whether you rent or buy your groom’s attire, be sure to have it tailored to fit you perfectly. If you rent, you’ll only get a few tailoring options — such as sleeve tailoring — but buying gets you a practically custom-made suit perfect for your big day.

Show off your unique personality with accessories! Colorful socks, pocket squares, bow ties or neckties, cummerbunds, vest, and cufflinks are all places where you can showcase your individuality and have some fun.

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