How to Be the Best Holiday Party Host Ever

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Holiday party season is in high gear. Are you hosting a party (or parties!) this year? If so, we’ve got some tips on how to be the hostess (or host) with the mostest.

Put your guests at ease.
The host or hostess really sets the party’s vibe. If you’re stressed and anxious, your guests will feel it and will not feel comfortable. How to relax? Make sure you’ve schedule plenty of time to clean your home before a party or houseguests arrive, and that you’ve made a list of everything you need to do and checked it off. In short, preparation is key. Then, when your guests arrive, you can relax and show them a good time and not worry over that lint on the carpet.

Anticipate your guests’ needs.
Have a place for guests to place their bags and coats. If you require guests to remove their shoes, offer slippers or fuzzy socks for them to wear. Keep glasses refilled and appetizers stocked. Have plenty of places for guests to sit and chat. Have plenty of toilet paper stocked in the bathroom, and keep it where guests can find it!

Put your focus on your guests.
It’s rude to be on your phone instead of connecting with your friends, so refrain unless it’s to take a group picture! Be fully attentive and mingle among your guests, showing each of them some special attention for at least a few minutes even if it’s a big party. Remember tip #1 and be prepared so you’re not rushing about after guests have arrived.
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Be aware of guests’ allergies.
If you’re a pet owner and you’ll have guests over who have allergies, do a thorough deep cleaning and keep Fido or Fluffy away from guests. Offer lots of food options so guests who are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or have other diet restrictions don’t feel left out. Be considerate with fragrances, your own and home scents, as these can be overwhelming to some guests.

Know when it’s time to say goodnight.
Don’t rush people out the door when the conversation is just getting good! Offer tea or coffee after drinks as a signal that the night is drawing to a close. For those who are reluctant to leave, you can always enlist their help in cleaning up!