Our Favorite 2019 Wedding Trends

Get your wedding inspiration here! With a new year comes new and exciting ideas for everything, including weddings. If you’re just starting your wedding planning, you might want to include some of these trends to make your big day “of the moment,” even if you otherwise stick to the classics. There are lots of exciting new trends this year, but here are a few of our favorites.
wedding cake

Big, statement wedding cakes
While doughnut walls and other dessert displays were the hottest thing for 2018, 2019 sees a return to opulent, over-the-top wedding cakes. Think lavish tiers with monograms, bold colors, or anything else your imagination can offer up. Delicious!

Darker and Unusual Color Palettes
Rose gold, blush, and other light-dappled colors will always be mainstays for weddings, but this year marks a foray into more dramatic color palettes. Take a cue from Pantone’s color of the year, “Living Coral,” and pair it with something unexpected, like turquoise. Or think midnight blue, metallics, or rich burgundy.

ceremony scents
Scented Ceremonies
A custom scent for your wedding is very hot for 2019. From spritzing and invitation to custom candle wedding favors, this trend will leave you and your guests with a wonderful scent memory.

Bridesmen and Groomsgirls!
We love this trend. Modern couples have friends of both genders and those friends are increasingly becoming part of the wedding party. If your best friend is named Mike, why shouldn’t he be your Man of Honor?

reception greenery
Bringing the Outdoors In
While flowers never go out of style, this year will see a lot of greenery in ceremonies and receptions. Trees, foliage, and more natural flowers will be everywhere.

There are lots of other great trends this year — colorful confetti, balloon walls, and royal-themed weddings, to name a few — but these are just a few of our favorites. Here’s to a beautiful and creative 2019 wedding!