Throw a Fall-Themed Party!

wine and cheese
Autumn is here, at last! Cool days, crisp nights, newly fallen leaves, wearing sweaters and boots… It’s no wonder fall is many people’s favorite time of year. Why not celebrate this fantastic season with fall-themed party? Here are some ideas:

Wine and Cheese Party
Easy and elegant, a wine and cheese party is a great way to introduce friends to new pairings — and each other! Here’s a rule of thumb when selecting your pairings: soft cheeses are milder and go with young, acidic white wines, while hard cheeses are more “assertive,” and pair well with older, full-bodied reds.

Scary Movie Night
Halloween is fast approaching, why not celebrate with a scary movie night? Set the stage for chills with candlelight and serve movie theater treats like popcorn and candy. Have guests suggest their favorite films or try a few classics like Rosemary’s Baby, The Shining, or The Omen. It will be a scary good time!

Autumn Potluck
One of the best parts of fall is fall food. Rich stews, warm apple pie, roasted meats…it’s a delicious time of year. To celebrate fall’s harvest, host an autumn-themed potluck. Have guests bring their favorite dish featuring one of fall’s seasonal bests (like an apple-themed potluck, with everything from roasted pork chops with apples to apple ice cream) or their favorite stew, chili, or soup. You provide the wine and accoutrements and everyone enjoys a bountiful fall feast!

Before Thanksgiving, throw a get together for your closest friends, a “Friendsgiving,” if you will. Have everyone bring a Thanksgiving dish that is popular with their family or a recipe that has been passed down through the generations. It’s a great way to connect with friends old and new and establish a new tradition.