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Entree Salads and Side Salads


Crisp, Fresh and Delicious! That goes for each and every one of B&A Warehouse's salads!


Hot Breakfast Selections

hot breakfast

Start your business day right with catered breakfast from B&A Warehouse! Whether you want the simple goodness of fresh fruit and yogurt or a delicious made-from-scratch breakfast casserole, B&A delivers for you!


Hot Lunches and Dinners


Go all-out with B&A’s hot lunches and dinners! Our mouth-watering selections will appease the hungriest appetites.


Sandwich Boxes or Platters


B&A Warehouse’s sandwich boxes and platters are perfect for lunch on the go!


Drop-off Lunch Combinations


Need lunch for a board meeting? Want to do something special for your crew? Our drop-off combinations are the perfect answer for your lunch needs!


Desserts and Drinks


Satisfy your sweet tooth and order some of our delectable desserts. Pair your food with your favorite beverage.



The holidays will be here before you know it, and a lot of venues are already starting to fill up. So how do you prepare for your holiday party, where do you start? To help you get started here is a list of the five things you need to plan your holiday party.

1. Select a Date

It can be very tricky to find the perfect date around the holidays, there will be lots of parties. The key is to start early and if it is a corporate event, plan at least one week away from the actual holiday.

2. Find a Venue

When selecting a venue you need to think of your price point, number of people you expect to attend, and what type of entertainment you are going to have. You want your space to accommodate everything. Other things you might consider are if your venue caters, or allows outside catering, and if alcohol can be served there if that is something you want.

3. Book a Caterer

If your venue covers the catering, that’s great! You have already handled two of the biggest tasks. If not, or you want to use an outside caterer then think of what you want to serve, and how you want it to be served. Hors d’oeuvres or dinner, buffet or served, beer and wine or open bar? Those are all things to consider. Then of course, you want to find a caterer in your price range.

4. Choose a Theme/ Find Decorations

Always ask your venue if they have decorations available. If they do not, they may have a trusted company they would recommend. If it is in your budget to buy all of the décor and props that you would like for your event, instead of rent, make sure that what you are planning will be allowed at the venue.

5. Select Entertainment

There are so many options for entertainment at your party, a live band, photo booth, games, play a move, the options are endless. Think of what fits your theme and how long you would like your party to be, some entertainment options can take up a lot more time than others.


B&A Warehouse is an excellent venue for your holiday party whether it is corporate or personal, and offers delicious in house catering. You can see more about our events on our website.