Destination Wedding Tips for Guests

destination wedding

Traveling to a far-flung (or maybe closer to home) location for a destination wedding this summer? Lucky you! Attending a destination wedding can be a fun and exciting event, but it also requires a bit of a time and energy commitment from guests. Here’s how to make the most of your trip.

  1. What will it cost? Before accepting a destination wedding invite, understand what costs you are responsible for. The wedding couple will provide the ceremony and the reception, but the rest is on you. Can you afford travel arrangements, including possibly airfare, rental car, accommodations, meals, and other incidental expenses? Do your research and tally up an estimate of your costs and make sure it fits into your budget.
  2. What’s the plan? There are a lot of moving parts to a successful destination wedding. Make sure you know all the details, such as which hotel where the couple has a block of rooms booked, where you need to fly in, arrival times, etc. If you can, book your flight, rooms, and rental car from one to three months in advance for the best rates.
  3. What to pack? A destination wedding will include several activities in addition to the ceremony and reception. There may be a welcome party, excursions, brunches, and any other manner of get togethers for which you need to be properly dressed. Find out the wedding itinerary ahead of time and pack all the essentials, including sun protection.
  4. When should I RSVP? While it might take a little digging to plan your budget and make sure you can take off time from work, try to RSVP as promptly as possible, ideally within 48 hours. While this is a commitment from you as a guest, the wedding couple has a lot to juggle and need to know a firm number of who is coming as soon as possible.
  5. What else should I know? Don’t be a party pooper and stay in your room while others are out having fun. Don’t drink too much and cause a scene! Bring your positive, ready-for-anything attitude and be gracious to the couple and others. Ask about social media before posting any pics from the ceremony. Enjoy making new friends and celebrating with loved ones in an awesome location!
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