How to Give a Great Wedding Toast

Making toasts can be tricky. Between topics and length and who exactly should be toasting, there’s a lot of ground to cover. Whether you’re tempted to share embarrassing stories, write a tear-jerker or wing it completely, here are some tips to help make your toast the best yet.

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Keep it short and sweet.

We all know that one best man whose toast ran just a little too long. To keep guests’ attention and the newlyweds’ satisfaction, make sure your speech stays succinct. Having a hard time deciding what should stay in the toast and what should go? If you’re wanting to share inside jokes or longer thoughts, maybe write the bride and/or groom a letter to read later. They’ll likely cherish the handwritten note even more than a one-and-done toast!

Balance humor and heart.

The best toasts make everyone laugh and cry. Yes, everyone wants to hear the funny story about how the bride and groom met. No, they don’t want to hear about that super awkward moment from years ago. Yes, we want to hear how much the newlyweds mean to you. No, the ladies don’t want to cry off all their mascara. Start with a funny story or two, then wrap up with a meaningful, heartfelt comment to the bride and groom.

Focus on the occasion.

Wedding toasts are meant to congratulate and wish well the newly married couple. No matter the funny memories or beautiful words you have to share, make sure your toast centers around the interests, lives and future of the newlyweds. Just like every other aspect of the wedding, the toasts should be all about celebrating the couple and their love.

Get it in writing.

Whether typed or handwritten, getting your thoughts onto paper will ensure all of the above tips have been covered. If you’re nervous about speaking in front of a crowd, practice giving your toast in the mirror or to a friend or two. You should be able to feel whether the speech is too long or whether a story crosses the line from funny to embarrassing–if not, your makeshift audience of friends will let you know. Writing notes for your toast will also help you stay on topic when the big day rolls around.

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Giving a stellar wedding toast is an honor for the one toasting and a gift for everyone present. No matter what your toast looks or sounds like, make sure you have a great time celebrating your newly married friends!