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Hors D'oeuvres


A great start for any event! From light to hearty, B&A’s hors d’oeuvres are a tasty treat for any event!


Attended Stations

attended food stations

This is only a small assortment of the many different Chef Attended Food Stations that we offer. We are always creating new and exciting stations and displays!


Non-Attended Stations

non-attended food stations

Create your favorite station from selecting a combination from the many items available for total customization on each station!



Finding vendors for your wedding is crucial. After all, would there even be a wedding without them? But sifting through the seemingly endless options of vendors can be exhausting. So here are a few quick tips on choosing your vendor.

Bridal Shows are your friend.

I know that going to a bridal show can be overwhelming for some. There are so many people and you feel like there is too much to take in. But since the vendors are there to get your business, this is an excellent time to see them at their best, and truly see what they are capable of. And as an added bonus, vendors will have bridal show deals that will save you tons of money!

Find a vendor that speaks your style language.

It is easy to love every wedding style you see on Pinterest or Instagram. The photos look stylish and timeless and you can’t help but fall in love. But once you do settle on a style for your wedding then look for a vendor that does that style well. Seeing their work at bridal shows or in a meeting with them can give you an idea of if what they are doing is for you. If it isn’t that’s ok! Just move on to the next vendor until you find one that speaks to you.

Stick with your budget.

You can always narrow down vendors by those who can offer what you want within your budget. But you will have to be realistic as well. If they are promising the moon, but your budget won’t even cover the trip there on the rocket ship then beware.

Now that I know what vendors I want, when should I book them?

Finding vendors can be stressful, but knowing when to book that vendor can be confusing which adds to your stress. Thankfully Wedding Wire has created an incredibly helpful timeline to help you know when is the best time to book your vendors.

Wedding Wire Timeline Graphic

Wedding Wire Timeline Graphic